Housing Law

Low-income residents of Northern Virginia face many obstacles in maintaining decent, safe and affordable housing for themselves and their families. LSNV attorneys provide legal representation; advocacy; outreach; and education. 

9LSNV’s primary goal is to prevent homelessness caused by unnecessary evictions, illegal lockouts, unfair charges, illegal utility cut-offs, or discrimination based upon a mental or physical disability. An emphasis is put on cases where tenants are at risk of having their subsidized housing improperly terminated.  LSNV attorneys advocate for increased affordable and safe housing in our service area. LSNV attorneys also conduct outreach to the community, making presentations to volunteers, pro bono attorneys, judges, agencies, low-income tenants, and tenant organizations throughout the region.

Cases We Handle:

  • Landlord tenant eviction cases;
  • Utility cut-off and constructive eviction cases;
  • Cases involving illegal lock outs;
  • Tenant assertion cases for tenants seeking to improve living conditions and require landlord compliance with local housing codes;
  • Fair Housing Act cases;
  • Subsidized public housing and Section 8 cases;
  • Administrative hearings before local departments of housing.