Elder Law

5LSNV’s Elder Law Practice Group provides a variety of services for clients who are 60 years of age and older. These services are targeted to those elderly individuals with the greatest economic or social need. In addition, we provide various legal materials and conduct regular workshops at senior centers and senior living complexes to help advise seniors about their legal rights.

Cases We Handle:

  • Medicaid: Long Term Care coverage eligibility under Medicaid (Nursing Home and Community Based Care);
  • Nursing Home Care: Nursing home discharge and quality of care cases; nursing home contract disputes and defense against nursing home collection suits; 
  • Assisted Living: Contract, quality of care, and discharge issues; 
  • Medicare: Questions about coverage, including prescription drug coverage; 
  • Social Security:  Eligibility and overpayment issues; 
  • Disability Benefits: SSI disability eligibility and overpayment issues; 
  • Health Care: Medical debt collection defense; 
  • Public Benefits: Food stamps, real estate tax exemption, auxiliary grants and other benefit issues for lower income individuals 60 and older; 
  • Debt Collection:  Defense of debt collection cases, including garnishment; 
  • Elder Abuse: Obtaining Protective Orders for individuals 60 and older; 
  • Identify theft:  Cases involving financial exploitation of seniors;  
  • Advance Directives: Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney and Living Wills (on a limited basis).