Consumer Law

4LSNV’s consumer practice focuses on preserving and protecting our client’s limited property or income from adverse creditor action. Our assistance can include counsel and advice, negotiated settlements or court representation. We give the highest priority to cases in which a client is facing the loss of a critical economic resource, such as income through a wage or bank account garnishment or other collection activity. We also focus on unfair, fraudulent or predatory consumer cases. Our cases involve a variety of federal, state and common law matters, including cases covered by the Virginia Consumer Protection Act, the Virginia Uniform Commercial Code, and the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act. Many of these cases involve court actions in the General District and Circuit Courts.

 Consumer cases that LSNV handles include:

  • Pre-judgment collection activities, including notices from third-party debt collectors;
  • Deficiency actions in General District and Circuit Court;
  • Post-judgment collection actions including debtor’s interrogatories, garnishments and levies;
  • Consumer fraud and deceptive practices cases;
  • Predatory lending cases, including check cashing and title loan cases;
  • Home repair and home solicitation sales cases;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Medical debts;
  • Foreclosure cases;
  • Car repossession and deficiency cases;
  • Car repair and warranty cases;
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases;
  • Credit report errors and omissions;
  • Condominium association cases.

Bankruptcy/Debtors’ Rights Clinic
LSNV eligible applicants seeking general legal information regarding bankruptcy and debt collection issues can choose to attend our Bankruptcy/Debtor’s Rights Clinic (held monthly). This clinic provides participants with legal information on the debt collection process, debtor’s rights, and general information regarding Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This session is appropriate for individuals seeking general legal information only. Attorneys handling these sessions do not provide legal advice to participants.   If you are seeking individualized legal advice rather than legal information, you should contact LSNV for an appointment with a staff attorney.

Attendance at this clinic is not a substitute for the “Credit Counseling” required of consumers in the amendments to the Bankruptcy Code effective October 17, 2005.