Associates Challenge


During March, LSNV is doing a fundraising program called the “Associates & Staff Attorney Challenge.”   The idea is that local firms (and corporate counsel offices in local companies) sign up to participate.  The firm or the company will identify one person to be the “Team Leader” for their firm or company.  That  person will register their firm/company and be in charge of encouraging all of the other associates and staff attorneys in their firm/company to participate .  “Participation” means that some time during the month of March, the individual associates/staff attorneys will make a donation to LSNV.  The suggested amount of the donation will be one “billable hour” or $200 for attorneys working in companies (because they don’t use billable hours).  [Firms will be recognized for their % of participation and their total contributions.]  

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  1.  Team Leaders register your firm/company     Register
  2.  Make a donation       Paypal Donate button
  3.  Win Prizes   Awards


The scoreboard will be updated at least daily, but it will not update automatically with each new donation.