Second Chances Initiative: Support for Re-Entry and Return to Communities

DiptiPidikiti-Smith speaking at a re-entry event
LSNV’s Dipti Pidikiti-Smith speaking at a re-entry event

We are a nation that believes in second chances. Providing legal services to help individuals make a successful transition back to their communities, while also empowering them with the skills necessary to find a good job and thrive in the workplace, will help strengthen our economy and our society.

~ Secretary Thomas Perez, U.S. Department of Labor

Each year, nearly 650,000 people are released from state and federal prisons.  When re-entry fails, the social and economic costs are high.  The Second Chances Initiative provides legal assistance to persons with criminal records or formerly incarcerated persons address barriers that keep one from reintegration, including:

  • Access to housing
  • Employment
  • Expungements
  • Credit Reports
  • Court costs and fines
  • IRS and Tax issues

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