What to Expect

8If you have been scheduled for an appointment with one of our attorneys, you will want to make sure you get as much out of it as you can. Here are some tips to be prepared, and the attorney will do his or her best to help with your problem.

Keep the following in mind:

Where: Northern Virginia traffic is awful; please be sure to give yourself enough time. A few of our offices can sometimes be tricky to find, so please refer to the maps of our locations to help you navigate. If travelling is very difficult for you, please let us know, and the attorney may be able to do the interview over the phone.

When: Please arrive about 15 minutes early for your appointment. You will be asked to review and update the information you provided in your screening application.

What To Bring: Be sure to bring a photo ID or other documentation of immigration status as requested by the intake paralegal with whom you spoke. [Note: victims of domestic violence need not show ID]

Be sure to bring any paperwork that might relate to your case: notices, court papers, contracts or agreements you have signed, or anything you think might help the attorney understand your case. It is better to bring papers the attorney doesn’t need than to have to come back to bring the attorney more!

Reminders: You should receive a reminder voicemail or text message two days before your appointment to remind you of the date and time.