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Helping Victims of Human Trafficking

Growing up in her Central American country, our client dreamed of coming to the United States and getting an education. When she was 16,  a friend connected her with a man in the US who claimed to be a wealthy benefactor who wanted to pay for her education.  This stranger sponsored her trip to the US. The day she arrived, he told her that he had purchased her for $3000, and that she was obligated to have sexual relations with him whenever he wanted. For years, he kept her at his home, abusing her physically and sexually, and she was not allowed to go to school.  She eventually gave birth to a child that he had fathered.  Eventually, our client heard her abuser on the phone purchasing another girl from her country, and she worked up the courage to escape with her child.  The man continued to stalk her, so she sought help and filed for a protective order.  A pro bono attorney working with LSNV won her the protective order in J&DR court, and an LSNV staff attorney helped her keep that order after her abuser appealed it. LSNV coordinated with an immigration attorney at an area nonprofit to file for a Trafficking Visa, and she was also able to win sole custody of her child.